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Why India?

India is the world’s no.1 supplier of IT talent and is set to become the world’s 2nd largest economy by 2050.

For companies worldwide, this nation is of strategic importance to achieve success. But have they truly understood the Indian way of working, communicating or being proactive? Have companies cracked how to read between the lines and recognise red flags while working with Indian teams? Have companies figured out how to meet deadlines faster and more efficiently?

What might work in head-office, might not work in India. With our e-Learning platform, tailor-made to give you an immersive experience in cracking Indian business behavior, you will be able to leverage the best out of your collaboration!

It is like being in India, even before you land in India!

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Why take our India e-Learning course?

By signing up for the India e-learning course, you will have access to:

6 hours of engaging relatable work-life situations to identify what is not working out in your collaboration.

Expert opinions and guidance given by over 800 Indian professionals to plan better and solve problems in your collaboration.

Interactive questions to compare how your viewpoints and perceptions compare with other learners from around the globe.

What will you take away?

Our programs are designed to give you skills that can be deployed the very next day. They are practical and they drive immediate results. Together with your coach, you will solve your problems that you are facing in your collaboration with India.

Choose from our three packages to unleash the true Indian potential.

Here is an overview of what you will get out of the program:

e-Learning duration 2 hrs4 hrs6 hrs
Coaching 2 sessions (1hr)3 sessions (2 hrs)4 sessions (3hrs)
What will you learn?Psychological Safety (Team Building).Effective Communication & Driving Effectiveness.Constructive Feedback, Managing Failures, Self-Management.
Create an environment of psychological safety.
Recognize and understand Indian business behaviour.
Learn how to create a culture of openness.
Learn how to anticipate and prevent problems.
Increase self-awareness about your own biases and expectations.
Learn how to drive proactiveness.-
Learn how to improve meeting of deadlines.-
How to recognise a “No” in a “Yes”.-
Learn how to recognise and solve problems real-time.-
Learn how to increase “First-time right”.-
Solve problems without escalations.--
Learn how to give negative feedback constructively.--
Learn the leadership styles that work in India.--
Learn how to drive motivation and retention.--
Learn how to fast track talent development of team members.--
Learn how to increase accountability.--
Learn how to create a fail-fast environment.--
299 Euros + Taxes549 Euros + Taxes799 Euros + Taxes
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Accelerate your success in India. Capitalise on your investments. Become an expert.



The e-learning ins and outs

Know what subjects are covered. Find out more about the actor movies, 800 Indian professionals, key learnings and mini-documentaries. Uncover how the e-learning will help you with your Indian team strategy.

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