Why we create Content?

Culture can sometimes be difficult to explain, because it has to be experienced. To help people live that experience and get through that learning curve faster, we create high quality video content, curated through rigorous research and fine craftmanship.

We started off by creating video content to aid our program delivery. Today we take on assignments to solve a range of pain points and misunderstandings that can arise due to cultural differences. Be it working with Governments in their mission to help integrate internationals into the larger society or helping global businesses achieve a smooth merger with global companies, we have
content solutions that can contribute to your goals.

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How are we different?

Our end-to-end production services includes an inside-out approach to unpacking culture and cultural differences. We interview people from different ethnicities and backgrounds to give an unbiased perspective of working styles, social life, governance, healthcare and many other aspects of life.

With our focus on talking about things that can’t be “googled” we tell stories that are experiential, practical and informative in nature. With global boundaries blurring and internationalisation at an all time high, our content is designed to create respect and understanding between people, professionals and communities.

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